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Welcome to our blog! We are a family of 19 angels in our first ever year of school at Elm Park School, Pakuranga, Auckland in New Zealand (Aotearoa)! We love rainbows, puzzles, discovering new games on our ipads and story writing! We hope you enjoy strolling through our blog and please do leave us a comment and suggestions of what you'd like to see!

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Problem Solving using iPads

We can use materials - and worksheets - to solve addition problems. This term we have been using apps like ShowMe and Educreations to solve our problems. Sometimes our teacher gives us an equation, but we also like making up our own equations!

Some things we enjoy about using these apps to problem solve are:
Listening to ourselves explain how to solve the problem.
Helping our friends learn by showing them how we solved the problem.
Choosing objects to take pictures of.
Drawing pictures.
Working with a buddy.

Take a look at how we worked out some of these problems!

JL and ANH solve 4+5

LP and TO solve 16+2

CG and JK solve 3+16

CC and ANH solve 13 +2

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